Brother PR680w Embroidery Machine


6-Needle Professional Embroidery Machine

The Brother Entrepreneur PR670EC professional 6-needle embroidery machine is the perfect choice for a small or home-based business and sewing enthusiasts. Its quick set up and fast multi-needle embroidery enables you to embroider large, multi-coloured designs with minimum thread changes and greatly increased productivity compared to traditional single-needle machines. Plus, you can enjoy more creativity with its customisation features.

The large embroidery area of 300 x 200mm and a variety of included and optional frames gives you the flexibility to create a multitude of projects from jackets and T-shirts to socks and baby clothes. The large 26cm LCD touchscreen allows you to preview your designs, offering a vivid, crystal clear display.

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Boasting an array of new and standard features and functions that make it the first word in multi-needle embroidery for profit-minded professionals and passionate hobbyists alike, the PR670EC Embroidery Machine offers everything you need to take your embroidery projects to the next level.

Customise your designs on screen with limitless capabilities including text arrangement, pattern rotation, lettering, size adjustments and combining designs. Use the touchscreen to transform your projects with 37 built-in fonts and a range of text effects to add flexibility and originality to your designs.

Most importantly, you’ll find the 6-needle PR670EC Embroidery Machine incredibly easy to use.

Additional information

Hardware Type

Professional Embroidery

Number of Needles


Embroidery Area

300mm x 200mm

Embroidery Speed

Up to 1,000 spm


26cm HD Colour LCD Touch Screen

Resolution of LCD

1200 x 800 pixels

Frames Included

100mm x 100mm, 180mm x 130mm, 300mm x 200mm, 60mm x 40mm, Cap Frame

Exclusive Needle Threader


Thread Trimmers


Built-in Embroidery Patterns

60 Designs including alphabet designs, frame patterns and embroidery designs

Built-in Fonts


Built-in Frame Patterns

10 Shapes, 14 Stitch Styles

Built-in Monogram Styles

3 Lettering, 15 Frames

On-screen Editing

Add Lettering, Arrange Text, Combine Designs, Resize Designs, Rotate Patterns

Individual Stitch Back Up

With the easy to use touch screen you can search through the design by individual stitches, progress bar, colour blocks, or groups of up to 1,000 stitches

Appliqué Function


Single Colour Sewing

Sew any design in a single colour with no interruption, Yes

USB Ports

2 x Host, 1 x Slave. Import designs from USB flash drive or from a direct PC connection

SD Card Compatibility

Upload designs in .PES format using the SD card slot


Grouping/ungrouping multiple selected embroidery designs for editing

Flexible Thread System

Yes, Easy threading prevents thread tangles and knots and provides stable thread tension


Wide Table Optional

LED Pointer


Camera Function


Background Scanning with Camera


Live Positioning of Design


Camera Positioning Sensor


LED Thread Indicator


Manual Colour Sequence

Yes, Set colour sequence by needle number

Anchor Needle Speed

Yes, Set individual needle speeds to suit speciality threads

Multiple Line Text Input

Yes, Create multiple lines of embroidery and align it left, right or centre

Thread Colour Sorting

Yes, Minimise the number of colour changes in multi-colour designs

Stitch Simulator

Yes, Let the machine show on the display how it stitches the embroidery pattern

Disengage Needle Threader

Yes, Protect the needle threader from misuse when using the professional thin needle (#70 or less)

Stitch to Block

Yes, The machine automatically recalculates the number of stitches when resizing designs

Industrial Level Acceleration

Yes, Complete embroidery designs even faster

Deselect Region

Yes, Applied to a part of the pattern that will not be sewn without editing the pattern

Colour Grouping

Yes, Combine the same thread colour when it is used more than once in the design

Colour Shuffling

Yes, Choose a new colour scheme for embroidery designs with enhanced functionality

Optional Extras

See Accessories Tab

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